EPA x Content Curation


EPA x Content Curation

3 minutes

EPA Images and Content Curation launch cooperation for Belgium and Luxembourg

Frankfurt / Brussels

With effect from October 2023 EPA Images and Content Curation will cooperate on their
operations in Belgium and Luxembourg. Content Curation will act as one of the sales
representatives for EPA Images in the respective countries and make further available
EPA's global news service “now” and EPA’s archive of about 11 million images, spanning
from news to entertainment, sports and culture.

Christian Wolf, EPAs CSMO explains: “Content Curation and especially Kristof Pierco as
its driving force is an amazing addition to our network of representation and will very much
compliment our own efforts in the region. Kristof’s vast experience, his understanding of
the image and news world in addition to his ability to bring together the product and the
media is an asset that will help EPA further push its operation in Belgium and

While the focus of the newly found cooperation is on the EPA Images global production of
about 1.800 pictures a day the cooperation also stretches to different parts of EPA’s
portfolio, including “EPA focus”, frequently published photo essays, or a joint approach for
“It goes without saying that I am of course very happy to become part of the EPA Network.
During several meetings with Christian and the rest of the EPA staff, it became crystal
clear that we share the same values regarding quality images and news reporting
standards. Joining forces is a logical consequence of this.”, added Kristof Pierco, CEO
Content curation.
About EPA Images
The European Pressphoto Agency B.V., recently rebranded as EPA Images, was founded
by main European news agencies and officially started in January 1985. The vision of the
founders was driven by the demand for an independent quality world picture service
originally designed for the needs of the European media market. In early 2003, EPA made
its service available to the worldwide market.
In 2015, EPA launched its global video service. Today EPA’s photo and video service is
based on the broad network of EPA’s visual journalists all over the world and on the daily
production of its member agencies ANA-MPA, ANP, ANSA, EFE, Lusa, PAP, KEYSTONE
and MIT, which are all market leaders in their respective countries.
About Content Curation
With 15 years of experience in the press photo industry at various levels such as creative,
editorial, commercial and financial, Kristof Pierco thought the time was right to put all the
pieces of the puzzle together and launch his own agency at the beginning of this year
(2023). Only nine months into this adventure, he has managed to build a respectable
portfolio that media companies, news services and publishers can rely on.

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